4 Ways Clear Aligners Can Straighten Your Smile

Clear aligners have now been around for a couple of decades, and they’re better than they’ve ever been. If you are interested in this service for yourself or someone in your family, then you should schedule a consultation at Advanced Dental Center.

We offer a variety of aligner options to improve your smile at our office in Florence, SC:

1. Invisalign

Clear aligners have become an increasingly popular option for straightening teeth. For adults who want a discreet way to correct crooked smiles, Invisalign is a great solution. The custom aligners are placed over your teeth, making them much less noticeable than traditional straightening options. You just wear them for 20-22 hours a day, taking them out to eat and to clean your teeth.

2. Invisalign Teen

For parents, Invisalign Teen has special indicators built in, so you can find out if your son or daughter has been wearing their aligners as they should.

3. Invisalign Lite

This Invisalign system is designed to realign your smile in as little as seven months.

4. Invisalign Express

This treatment is focused primarily on the cosmetic benefits of straightening teeth. As a result, it can be used to make changes to your smile in as little as three months.

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