Sedation Dentistry Takes the Stress Out of Florence, SC Dentist Visits

Your visits to our Florence, SC  dental office should be a pleasant experience. You can expect comforts like neck pillows, blankets, and even neck massages from a licensed masseuse. Still, even with all of these amenities, some people can’t relax at the dentist. They may even avoid the dentist and all routine care. They will stay away unless they are experiencing the most serious of dental emergencies. If this describes you, sedation dentistry can help you overcome your dental anxiety so you can get the high-quality dental treatment you deserve. To discuss dental sedation with one of our doctors, call Advanced Dental Center at 843-627-4076.

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We Offer Two Types of Sedation Dentistry

We offer two types of dental sedation: oral conscious dental sedation and IV dental sedation. Both of them will keep you calm throughout your dental visit. No matter which method you choose, we’ll closely monitor you throughout your treatment.

Even if you’re not anxious about your treatment, our dental relaxation methods work well in other situations, such as these:

  • You have a strong gag reflex
  • You experience difficulty getting numb
  • You need complicated and/or lengthy dental procedures
  • You need oral surgery
  • You want to undergo multiple procedures in a single visit

Oral Conscious Sedation: Arrive Relaxed and Stay That Way

Your oral conscious dental sedation will be a prescription pill you’ll take before your appointment. You’ll arrive at our dental office already relaxed and will stay that way throughout your appointment. We suggest fasting for eight hours beforehand, including water. You will also need to arrange for a ride to and from our dental office.

Advantages of oral sedation include:

  • You take the pill at home, which gives you more control over the process. It also avoids the use of a needle, which is great for those who are fearful of needles.
  • You arrive already relaxed, so you won’t need to wait at the office for the sedative to take effect.
  • You’ll be relaxed but remain aware, so you can easily respond to our questions or instructions.
  • The sedative effect lasts around two hours.
  • The medications we use are regulated by the FDA and have been in use for years, so there is little risk of negative side effects.

IV Sedation Is A Good Alternative to General Anesthesia

We often suggest IV dental sedation for oral surgery or for anyone undergoing lengthy or multiple procedures. We safely administer the sedation intravenously, which offers advantages including:

  • It gets into your bloodstream much faster than an oral sedative, so IV sedation takes effect within minutes.
  • It offers a deeper level of relaxation than an oral sedative.
  • Its effects wear off more quickly, leaving you less groggy than an oral sedative.
  • We can easily tweak the dosage, during your treatment, if you need more or less sedation.

We Ease Your Dental Anxiety with Experienced Dentists & A Caring Staff

Whether or not you choose a sedation method, our experienced dentists and caring staff will ease your dental anxiety. Our dental have more than 200 years of combined experience, so they can handle just about any dental situation. Some members of our support team have worked in dentistry for 20-plus years. We even have a certified massage therapist who can provide neck massages. After her attention, you’ll leave our dental office more relaxed than when you came in!

For a stress-free dental appointment, call Advanced Dental Center at 843-627-4076 to book your comfortable dental appointment with dental sedation in Florence, SC dental office.

Dr. Joseph Griffin graduated at Francis Marion University and became a dentist at the age of 24. He’s also a member of American Dental Association, South Carolina Dental Association, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Pee Dee Study Club. He received advanced training from the Hinman Dental Conference and the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS) and is a member of the CEREC Study Club.

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