Get Your Strong Bite Back with Restorative Dentistry

One way to stay healthy is to consume lots of crunchy fresh fruits and vegetables. That can be tough to do if broken, decayed, or missing teeth make it painful or hard time chewing. Fortunately, our restorative dentistry services can restore your full chewing function and make it easier to enjoy healthy foods – as well as other foods you enjoy, like a big, juicy steak. We even have an endodontist, Dr. Wade Nichols, who specializes in root canals and other treatments designed to save your smile if infection or injury affects the soft center of your teeth. To get your bite – and your appetite – back, call our Florence, SC dental office at 843-627-4076.

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Restorative Solutions Will Repair Your Bite

Among our restorative dentistry solutions:

  • To fix cavities, our dental team will remove decay, then restore your grin with a tooth filling, inlay, onlay, or dental crown. The severity and location of the decay will determine which option is best.
  • To remove infection, our endodontist will perform a root canal. Dr. Wade Nichols completed several years of advanced training in endodontic procedures after his graduation from dental school.
  • To mend breaks, cracks, and other damage, we can use a dental veneer or dental crown. Again, your restoration will be based on the severity and location of the damage.
  • To replace missing teeth, you can choose a dental bridge, dentures, or dental implants.

Dental Technology & Dental Sedation Ensure Your Restorative Dentistry Goes Well

Our Florence, SC dental team use the latest dental technology to assess your condition and better plan your restorative dentistry solutions. For example, 3D imaging gives our endodontist a good look at the “canals” inside your teeth prior to a root canal procedure. This allows Dr. Nichols to be aware of possible complications before he ever begins.

Technology also helps us keep your care quick and comfortable. For instance, our CEREC system makes it possible for you to get a dental crown in a single day, rather than the days or weeks it would otherwise take.

Because restorative dentistry procedures can be longer and more complex than other treatments, you may want to use dental sedation to stay relaxed throughout your appointment.

To find out more about your restorative dentistry solutions, call Advanced Dental Center Florence, SC dental office at 843-627-4076.

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Video: Dr. Devon Parks on Patients Who have Hard Time Chewing - Advanced Dental Center Florence, SC

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