Helping You Is The Best Part Of Our General Dentistry (video)

We’ve often been asked what’s the most rewarding part of our job? There are many rewarding things about general dentistry, but the thing that stands out is any time we are able to help a patient feel better. Our own Dr. John Hess explains this in the video below. Whether we are ending ...

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Don’t Get Tricked Into Tooth Decay (infographic)

It's that time of year when candy will be widely available almost anywhere you go. So, how can you navigate this trick-or-treating season without developing tooth decay? Follow these tips from our team at Advanced Dental Center. And don't forget to schedule a dental cleaning and exam at our office ...

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Make Big Changes With Mini Dental Implants

Bigger isn't always better. In fact, some of the best things are quite smaller. Mini dental implants have helped to improve the oral health of many patients at our Florence, SC dentist office. If you or someone you love needs replacement teeth, they could be the solution for your ...

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Discover How Our General Dentistry Is Different (video)

Glynn has been coming to Advanced Dental Center for years. When asked what our own Dr. Joseph Griffin has done, Glynn answers with a question. "What hasn't he done for me? Fillings, crowns ... I can't tell you how many of my teeth since childhood have been a challenge," Glynn said. Beyond the ...

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Take Advantage Of Our Family Dentistry This Year

We hope to see you before the end of the year. For all patients, a couple of dental cleanings and exams is recommended to maintain your healthy smile and to prevent problems. If you have dental insurance, many plans offer specific benefits within a calendar year. You deserve to get the benefits ...

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Gain Something With A Tooth Extraction

It's something you want to avoid whenever you can, but there are times when it is your best option. Tooth removal can be important for multiple reasons, which we will discuss below. At Advanced Dental Center, we take tooth extractions seriously. We also make patients comfort a priority any time ...

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A Dental Bridge Can Complete Your Smile (video)

Mandy was born with congenitally missing teeth. This also made her self-conscious. We found a solution for her with a dental bridge that can her a complete, natural-looking smile. "It's held up. It's done great. I get lots of compliments on my smile," she says in the video below. Take a ...

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Enlighten Your Smile With Teeth Whitening (infographic)

If a food or drink can stain your clothes, then more than likely, it can stain your teeth, too. This is why over time teeth become yellower or darker. It also might explain why professional teeth whitening is one of our most popular cosmetic services at Advanced Dental Center. Our in-office and ...

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Smile confidently again with cosmetic restoration/fillings!

If you are like most people, you've already had a cavity ... or you will develop one in the future. According to the National Institutes of Health, more than 90 percent of Americans will have tooth decay in their lives. We aren't going to say that getting a cavity in inevitable, but statistics ...

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Get To Know Our Family Dentistry & Love Your Smile (video)

The right family dentist can make you and your loved ones feel comfortable and confident. Whatever dental needs may arise, you want to go someplace that you trust. You want to go somewhere like Advanced Dental Center. “I feel like I can smile and feel confident and that means a lot,” Janet ...

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