Caring for Smiles by Caring for Your Family (video)

Our team at Advanced Dental Center doesn’t just take care of teeth. We take care of people, and we do that by building long-term relationships with our patients — like Carol. As she explains, she and her family have been seeing our or Dr. Herbert for many years, and he had helped multiple ...

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Take Control of Your Dental Anxiety with Sedation

People love scary movies. They even enough amusement park rides that can be a little scary. But no one wants to feel scared at the dentist office. Dental anxiety is a serious concern that prevents millions of Americans from getting the oral care they need every year. If you are someone who is ...

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Keep Smiling & Protect Your Gums

Healthy smiles are our goal for every patient who visits Advanced Dental Center. It’s why our slogan is, “Keep your smile for life!” It’s something we take seriously at out Florence, SC dentist office. It’s also why we want you to know about gum disease and about our treatment ...

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Mini Implants Can Have You Feeling ‘Natural,’ Too (video)

Nick will tell you that getting mini dental implants is like “having natural teeth.” He can eat apples, steak, or anything else. He also is glad that he came to Advanced Dental Center in Florence, SC for his procedure. As he explains in the video below, he had a professional and comfortable ...

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Get Some Rest with Our Sleep Apnea Treatment (infographic)

A good night of sleep can make a world of difference in your overall health. If you have obstructive sleep apnea, however, you may not be getting that healthy sleep and neither may your loved ones. When you have sleep apnea, your frequent breathing stoppages can prevent you from reaching the ...

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Get the General Dental Care You, Your Family Deserve (video)

We often use our blog to tell you about the many different ways we can help you keep your smile for life. But we know it can mean more to hear from patients who have benefited from the work that we do daily at Advanced Dental Center. Glynn and his family have been long-time patients at our ...

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Great Reasons to Visit Our Dentists in 2019

The new year is here, and we hope it is both a happy and healthy one for you and your family. While you can’t control everything in your life, you can take control of your smile. Whether you are looking to keep the healthy teeth that you have, improve your smile, or restore it, you can find ...

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Eat Better and Eat Well in 2019

Another year is nearly at an end. Over the last month and a half, you’ve had reasons to celebrate with family, friends, and colleagues. Many of those celebrations include a variety of delicious foods, which is great … if you can eat them. This also can be frustrating for those of us who ...

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Improve Your Oral, Overall Health With Implants (video)

Shelly has a story we think you’ll want to hear. She openly discusses her oral health problems, and going through chemotherapy was hard on her gums. She didn’t realize how much those issues were affecting her overall healthy until she got dental implants at our Florence dentist office as ...

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Create a Great Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry (infographic)

As we approach the end of another year, it’s a good time to think about what you would like to change for 2019. One thing you could do for yourself is making improvements to your smile. Cosmetic dentistry is a big part of what we do at Advanced Dental Center, and we have more options than ever ...

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