Don’t Underestimate the Power of Dental Implants

Imagine ordering a thick juicy steak just the way you like it. Imagine looking forward to your first bite of a crisp juicy apple. Imagine seeing buttery grilled corn on the cob as something to savor. If you have full or partial dentures right now, then you understand why those foods and ...

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Clear the Way for a Straight Smile (infographic)

Countless patients have improved their smiles at our Florence, SC dental office. Our restorative and cosmetic treatments have transformed the appearance of thousands of teeth over the years. Today, we want to let you know about one of our newer services — orthodontic care. Specifically, we ...

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Tooth Removal Could Help Protect Your Oral Health (video)

If we could prevent every cavity and tooth infection, we would. If we could save every broken or cracked tooth, we would do that, too. The reality is that sometimes the best thing for your oral health is to have a tooth removed. Our own Dr. Devon Parks discusses our approach to tooth extractions ...

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Three Simple Ways to Improve Your Smile

No matter who you are, you would like to look your best. It’s the reason people try to eat healthier and try to exercise. It’s why people get new hairstyles from time to time, and it’s why we replace clothes that are worn out. Wanting to look nice doesn’t mean you’re vain. It just ...

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Quality Dentistry Will Keep You Coming Back (video)

We don’t mind letting you know that we are proud to provide family dentistry and more for the Florence, SC community. We’re also proud that so many of our patients have been coming to see us for years and even for generations. Glynn is one of our regular visitors. He explains why in the ...

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Visit Us to Take Advantage of Your Dental Insurance

Many people are fortunate that their employers offer dental insurance. If you are lucky enough to have dental coverage through your work, please make plans to get a dental cleaning and exam before the end of the year. We want to help you keep your healthy mouth. Dental benefits expire at the ...

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Recognize the Signs of TMJ Troubles (infographic)

You may have heard someone talking about a TMJ problem, and you may be wondering if you could have it, too. TMJ issues are relatively common. TMJ is short for temporomandibular joint. You have two of these joints, which are located where your lower jaw connects to your skull. These joints allow ...

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Get More For Less With Mini Dental Implants (video)

We want to include one more patient testimonial for Dental Implant Month. Today, you will hear from Nick, one of our patients who received mini dental implants at Advanced Dental Center. “They call me pretty teeth,” Nick says in the video below. You’ll hear about his experience getting ...

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An Appreciation for Dental Implants

Isaac Newton is remembered for his scientific discoveries. He also understood that he wouldn’t have been able to do what he did without the work of people who came before him. He famously said, “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." In dentistry, we can say ...

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With Implants, You Too Can Keep Smiling (video)

Shelly is a cancer survivor, which is something celebrate. Her treatment did have some effects on her oral health, however, but she has restored her natural smile with implant-supported dentures. With dental implants, she can eat without pain, and she feels good about smiling again. We are ...

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