Should You Talk To a Dentist About Better Sleep? (quiz)

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder. People with this condition stop breathing when they fall asleep, and these stoppages can occur dozens and even hundreds of times every night. This can increase your risk of a variety of heart attacks, cardiovascular disease, and strokes among other health ...

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Keep Smiling Even After You Have a Cavity (video)

Statistically, there’s a strong likelihood that you have already had or will have a cavity. No one wants cavities, but more than 90 percent of people will have at least one. Knowing this, our team at Advanced Dental Center of Florence, SC wants you to know that tooth decay doesn’t have to ...

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Your Family Deserves Healthy Mouths & Happy Smiles

You may have had an afternoon this summer when you, your spouse, and your kids spent the day in the backyard enjoying the weather, playing games, and having fun. It’s moments like this that remind how special family is and how much you care about them. This is something our doctors and our ...

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You Can Create a Straighter, Nicer Smile

“She has a gorgeous smile.” “His smile is amazing. He seems so friendly.” Our smiles affect how we present ourselves to other people, and fair or not, they also affect other people’s perceptions of us. That can make a difference whether you are meeting someone for a romantic night ...

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Less is More When You Get Mini Implants (infographic)

Mini dental implants have made a big impact on the lives of so many patients who have visited our office in Florence, SC. At Advanced Dental Center, we like to say that mini implants give you five times less than standard implants — and this is a good thing. Mini implants can still give you ...

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Be Like Bill: Smile With Enthusiasm (video)

In our previous post, we wrote about the benefits of dental veneers. Now, we want you to hear a more personal take on what veneers can do. Bill P. is one of our many patients who has gotten veneers over the years, and we think you’ll sense his enthusiasm when you watch the video below. He ...

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Be Yourself with Veneers & a Better Smile

You remember what it was like to feel good about sharing your smile. You didn’t think about it. You didn’t worry if someone else was judging you based on the appearance of your teeth. Your smile was just part of expressing how you felt at that moment. Then, something happened. You grew ...

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We Can Give You A Reason To Smile Again

Throughout human history, people have tried all kinds of things to repair and replace damaged and lost teeth. Gold and other metals have been used to make dental crowns and fillings. Dentures have been made with animal teeth and ivory. Seashells and stones have been used to replace missing ...

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Smile As Bright As You Want (infographic)

You aren’t alone. Millions of people across the country, including thousands in Florence, SC, use cosmetic dentistry to make their teeth look better every year. One of the most effective ways to improve your smile is professional teeth whitening. This is better than anything you can buy off ...

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Let Us Boost Your Oral Health With Restorative Dentistry [PHOTO]

Today, our team at Advanced Dental Center of Florence, SC wanted to make sure you knew about the possibilities before you for better health and a great-looking smile. This summer, consider visiting us for restorative dentistry. You’d be amazed at how much of a difference a healthy mouth can ...

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