Care For Your Smile With Gum Disease Treatment

You are ready for your big night out. You’ve been looking forward to celebrating with family and friends for months, so you take one last look in the mirror before you step out the door.

Your outfit looks great. Your hair is behaving, and then you look at your smile. Is that blood on your teeth?

You lean in closer to the mirror. Yep, it sure looks like your gums are bleeding. That’s not good. It makes you wonder if something might be wrong, and it leaves you feeling self-conscious about smiling for the rest of the evening.

Those bleeding gums are a symptom of periodontal disease. They also are a good reason to schedule a non-surgical gum disease treatment at Advanced Dental Center in Florence, SC.

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Be Proactive To Prevent Problems When Possible

In all honesty, you would probably prefer to avoid the kind of situation we described in the opening of this post. We want you to prevent periodontal problems, too. That’s why we encourage all of our patients to brush and floss daily and to regularly schedule professional dental cleanings and exams.

Making these things the foundation of your oral hygiene will greatly reduce your risk of gum disease, as well as cavities. Having a consistent routine means you will be removing bacteria, plaque, and food particles that can lead to the problems we already mentioned.

Even so, 70 percent or more of people will develop gum infections, based on the most conservative estimates. The sooner you take steps to address this problem, the easier it will be to avoid advanced gum problems.

Watch For Signs Of Trouble

Like we noted above, periodontal disease is one of the most common oral health issues that affect people. As with many problems, nipping this one in the bud it often your best option.

That’s why you should learn to recognize the symptoms of gum infections:

  • Gums that appear redder than usual
  • Gums that appear swollen
  • Gums that bleed when you brush or floss

As the disease progresses, the symptoms become more obvious as well:

  • Gums that bleed easily
  • Gums that are separating from your teeth
  • Constant bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth
  • Gums that feel sore or painful
  • Teeth that feel loose

Many people don’t know that periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States. (With that in mind, we do offer dental implants, so you can get lifelike teeth replacements if you ever need them.)

Take Action

If you do notice the symptoms mentioned above, you should never ignore them. Instead, seek gum disease treatment as soon as possible. This is better for you, your smile, and your long-term oral health.

To request an appointment at Advanced Dental Center, call (843) 588-1919 or contact us online. Let us help you prevent periodontal problems or to treat them as soon as possible.

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