Choose Sedation Dentistry For Relaxed Oral Care

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You never would have guessed this was possible, but you are actually looking forward to your next dental appointment.

Strange, huh?

How long had it been since your last dental checkup? More than two years? Five years? Ten years? You are so glad you decided to visit Advanced Dental Center in Florence, SC. Learning out our sedation dentistry was one thing, but experiencing it has changed your perspective on dental care.

You can have pain-free, relaxing visits to the dentist. You can keep your smile looking great or even improve the function and appearance of your smile.

You just need to call 843-627-4076 to plan your visit with us.

Painless Dentistry Is Possible

You have always known that going to do the dentist should be part of your oral care routine. Just like your daily brushing and flossing, your professional cleanings and exams allow you to prevent problems or (at least) treat them in the early stages.

For people with dental anxiety, going to the dentist isn’t as easy as it sounds. You may have had a bad incident when you were younger that has affected you. We’ve met several patients who told us unfortunate stories about painful treatments when they were children or about dentists who were overly critical of oral health issues.

Our team never wants you to feel that way at Advanced Dental Center. Your physical and mental are both priorities for our professionals. Dental sedation can help with both of those concerns. With two kinds of sedation, you can feel confident that you won’t be in pain and that you can stay relaxed during your time in our dental chairs.

Sedation dentistry blocks pain, so you can receive even complex treatments without feeling a thing. Many patients also have no memory of their treatments when they are sedated, and several have told us this is why they prefer this kind of dental care.

Get To Know Your Options

You have a choice between oral conscious sedation and IV sedation when you make an appointment at our office in Florence, SC.

Oral conscious sedation is taken prior to your appointment. This allows time for the dose of prescription medicine to take effect, so you feel when you take your seat. You should fast for eight hours prior to taking the medicine, and you should arrange for someone else to drive you to and from your appointment.

By taking oral sedation, you don’t have to worry about needles (if that is a cause of anxiety for you). You will be in a good state of mind when you arrive for your appointment. The effects will last for about two and a half hours (with some variance between individuals).

IV sedation is administered at the time of your appointment. This takes effect within minutes, and it induces a deeper state of relaxation. This is an excellent option for patients who are undergoing more complicated procedures.

Unlike with oral sedation, we can tweak your level of sedation with this option to maintain your pain-free care. The effects of IV sedation also wear off more quickly than oral sedation.

Call Us Soon

Dental fear can prevent from having the healthiest smile that you could have. Our team at Advanced Dental Center would like to help you learn to manage and eventually overcome those fears. Sedation dentistry can be invaluable in that process.

Call 843-627-4076 or contact us online to learn more or to request an appointment with us.

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