Defeat Dental Anxiety By Visiting Our Office

You are ready, although you are admittedly a little nervous.

You haven’t been in a while, but you are glad you are here.

You’re coming back to the dentist, and you make a great decision to come to Advanced Dental Center. Our team in Florence, SC has assisted many patients to find ways to cope with and even overcome their dental anxiety.

Discover how comfortable going to the dentist can be. Call (843) 588-1919 to schedule an appointment with us.

Ease Bank Into The Chair

We understand. Fear of the dentist is not just something you can overcome in a single visit. It takes time and patience. It’s also beneficial to surround yourself with people who support you throughout that process. That’s what you will find at our office.

For many patients, the first step is making an appointment with dental sedation. Sedation has been a part of dental care for more than 150 years, and it’s gotten better as we understood how to use to most effectively. We have seen how the right sedation option can help patients receive pain-free, worry-free treatments to improve and maintain their oral health.

For some, sedation becomes a standard part of their care. For others, sedation is no longer needed as they become more familiar with us and more aware that their comfort is a top priority for everyone at our practice.

Know Your Options

We offer two forms of dental sedation. This can be used for anyone who:

  • Has a strong gag reflex
  • Is concerned that treatment might be painful
  • Has difficulty getting numb
  • Needs complicated or lengthy dental procedures
  • Needs oral surgery
  • Wants to complete multiple procedures in a single visit

Oral conscious sedation has proven to be remarkably effective for many of our patients. If you choose this option, you will take a pill at home before you come to your appointment. You should arrange for someone else to bring you to and from your appointment because you will feel the relaxing effects of this medication for a few hours. Even under sedation, you won’t be completely asleep (although you may not remember your procedure). That means you’ll still be responsive if we need you to turn your head, for example.

Talk To Us

At Advanced Dental Center, our motto is “Keep your smile for life.” That’s more likely to happen if you make regular visits to our Florence, SC dentist office. Our approach to patient care can help even if you have dental anxiety.

To learn more, start by contacting us today. Fill out our online form or call (843) 588-1919.

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