Ease Your Pain With TMJ Treatment

You had a headache when you woke up, but you took some ibuprofen for that. You grabbed some food for a quick breakfast before you settle in to work. When you take a bite, you don’t get to savor the flavors. Instead, you feel pain in your jaw. You try to chew but that just makes it worse.

You may be suffering from a TMJ disorder, which is an excellent reason to visit our dentists in Florence, SC.

What is TMJ?

Anatomically, TMJ is an abbreviation for temporomandibular joint. You have two of these. They are the joints that connect your lower jaw (or mandible) to the upper part of your skull. If you have issues with one or both of these joints, you can develop a TMJ disorder.

Why do people have TMJ disorders?

Multiple factors can contribute to TMJ problems, and you might one or more of these conditions. The alignment of your teeth can affect how you open and close your mouth. Many people clench and grind their teeth without realizing or while they are sleeping. You may have arthritis in your jaw joints. You may have suffered an injury or developing an infection.

How is TMJ treated?

Some TMJ issues are temporary, so you may be able to correct them by making changes such as eat soft foods until the pain goes away or applying heat or cold depending on whether you are having mobility problems or swelling. For long-term conditions, we can assess your situation to determine the best treatment. Designing a special bite guard can prevent grinding, which can provide relief from jaw pain, headaches, and wear and tear on your teeth.

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