Enjoy The Renewal Of Spring With A Smile Makeover

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While you’re surrounded by fresh beginnings this spring, don’t forget that you can freshen up your grin with a gorgeous smile makeover by calling the team at Advanced Dental Center at 843-627-4076.

Even if you have multiple flaws that you want to take care of, we can help you by combining a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments at our Florence, SC dentist office.

You can put your trust in our team. All of our dentists are very skilled and have extensive experience. One of our dentists, Dr. Joe Griffin, is even a proud member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

We stay late until 7:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays for your convenience and also accept a large variety of payment options to take some of the financial stress out of the equation.

Renew Your Love For Your Grin With A Smile Makeover

Patients visit us with concerns about a large variety of smile imperfections. Chances are, if you’re feeling self-conscious about it, one of our past patients has also approached us for help and eventually walked out of our office with a major boost to their self-esteem.

So you can make the best decisions for your smile, we will happily explain any treatment that you are interested in. We’ll listen intently to your particular concerns so we can ensure that you are satisfied with the final results of your cosmetic treatments. We can provide any combination of the treatments below.

If you’ve ever wanted to get a flawless celebrity smile, then dental veneers may be a great option for you because they are frequently the treatment that goes into a gorgeous Hollywood smile. They are thin shells that completely cover the front surface of teeth and can hide chips, stains, misshapen teeth, and many other cosmetic flaws.

We offer two types of dental veneers, ones made from all-porcelain and Lumineers. Both are great options and each has their respective perks. For example, Lumineers are very thin and frequently require little to no preparation of your teeth in order to be placed.

If you’d like to have a treatment that is almost as versatile as veneers but would like a more affordable option, you may want to consider tooth bonding. If you choose this option, we’ll apply a small amount of tooth-colored material to the area you want to conceal, shape it precisely, and then harden the material.

A lot of people are generally happy with their smile except for the fact that their teeth aren’t the bright white that they would like them to be. To put the pearl back in your pearly whites, we can provide a professional teeth whitening treatment. We can either brighten your smile fast with an in-office treatment or provide a take-home kit. Either way, we’ll supply custom whitening trays for a precise and comfortable fit.

Or perhaps your teeth aren’t the problem at all. If your gumline is irregular and uneven, we can reshape your gums with a cosmetic gingivectomy. You’ll have an ideal balance of white teeth and pink gums before you know it!

Renew your confidence this spring with a smile makeover from Advanced Dental Center. Call 843-627-4076 or use our online form to book a consultation.

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