Four Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Smile

Look at your smile. How could you make it better? Many people ask themselves this every day, and you have options for doing just that. Cosmetic dentistry remains popular. We are happy to offer a variety of services at our Florence, SC that can help you achieve your dream smile.

1. Dental Veneers

Veneers are great for making a variety of changes. Veneers are like shells for your teeth, which conceal a variety of problems. With veneers, you smile can be straight, evenly spaced, and bright with no chipped, cracked, or broken teeth.

2. Tooth Bonding

Bonding is a simple process. We apply composite resin where it is needed to fix chips, cracks, and breaks. Bonding also can close gaps between teeth.

3. Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is stronger and more effective than over-the-counter whitening products. We offer both in-office treatment and custom take-home kits.

4. Cosmetic Gingivectomy

If you don’t like your gummy smile, this procedure is done to remove excess gum tissue so your teeth are more visible.

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