How to Maintain White Teeth

Whether you have been blessed with naturally white teeth or you have just completed a teeth whitening treatment, chances are, you want to keep your smile looking radiant for as long as possible.

At Advanced Dental Center, we are more than happy to help you achieve the beautiful, white smile you want. Our professional teeth whitening treatments in Florence, SC can dramatically whiten your smile by several shades. But to ensure your smile stays white and shines as bright as you do, consider taking the following steps to prevent staining and discoloration.

Avoid Liquids that Stain Teeth

If you are serious about maintaining your bright white smile, you may want to reconsider the drinks you ingest each day. Coffee, tea, soft drinks, and red wine are some of the biggest perpetrators. To keep your teeth as white as possible, cut back on these drinks. If you feel that you just can’t go without them, try consuming less of them and sipping through a straw when you do.

Eliminate Tobacco

There are dozens of reasons to give up smoking and tobacco products. If you are concerned about maintaining white teeth, that is yet another reason to completely eliminate tobacco.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), tobacco products not only stain your teeth, but can lead to tongue discoloration as well. There are several additional oral health risks connected to tobacco use, including gum disease, cancer, and infection.

To keep your teeth white and healthy, make the life-changing decision to give up tobacco.

Maintain Good Dental Hygiene

If you want to maintain a healthy, radiant smile, keeping your teeth clean is essential. It’s not enough to brush your teeth occasionally or forgo flossing altogether. For your teeth to stay white, they need to be properly cleaned at least twice a day. That means brushing your teeth at least twice per day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing between each of your teeth at least once a day.

Without proper dental hygiene, plaque will build up on your teeth, bacteria will feed off that plaque, and all the germs in your mouth will wreak havoc on your radiant smile. Do what you can each day to ensure your mouth is as clean and healthy as possible.

See Our Dentists for Regular Checkups

Another tip to keep your teeth white and your mouth healthy is to maintain regular checkups with your dentist. At Advanced Dental Center, we want to see you twice a year for checkups and cleanings. When you come in for a cleaning, we can discuss whether additional whitening treatments are needed for maintenance.

During your time with us, we can also discuss any components of your lifestyle that may help or hinder the maintenance of your radiant, white smile. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, that’s what we are here for!

To schedule your next checkup with us, call our Florence, SC dental office today at (843) 588-1919. You also can request an appointment online. We look forward to hearing from you, so we can help you keep your smile for life!

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