How Tooth Fillings Preserve Your Healthy Smile [BLOG]

One of the most common, and easiest to treat, of all dental problems is a cavity.

Yet many people don’t fully appreciate how this small problem can become exponentially worse if left untreated.

That’s why Dr. Griffin and our team at Advanced Dental Center of Florence, SC are setting the record straight.

We’re talking about cavities and the importance of treating them with tooth fillings to preserve your healthy smile!

What To Know About Cavities & How To Treat Them

The most common warnings you heard from adults when you were younger about sugar is how bad it is for your teeth.

But that’s only part of the story.

What we mean is that sugar itself isn’t responsible for tooth decay, but it’s the bacteria in your mouth that can’t get enough of it!

Harmful bacteria will seize upon any sugar that’s left behind from your food and drinks and create acids that decay your teeth.

Since you can’t feel your tooth enamel being eaten away by these acids, you need to rely on your dentist to spot this kind of microscopic damage that threatens your smile.

*Untreated Cavities Can & Will Get Worse*

Cavities don’t always come with pain.

So despite what you may think, you won’t always know you have one.

It’s just one more reason to practice diligence with your routine dental cleanings and exams!

Beyond that, cavities that aren’t treated and filled can and will grow, which will only threaten your oral health on a deeper level.

*Untreated Cavities Can Also Lead To Infection*

Since cavities can get deeper and bigger, putting off treatment makes you more susceptible to bacterial infection. Imagine how much more room you’d be giving harmful bacteria in your mouth to mess around! If it seeps into a deep cavity and penetrates the enamel, it can infect the delicate inner pulp.

This will likely be pretty painful and require a root canal to preserve the tooth from further infection.

*Fillings Need Enough Healthy Enamel To Work*

What makes a standard filling work is that it bonds firmly to the remaining healthy tooth enamel decay hasn’t affected. Without enough enamel, it’s not going to be a viable treatment option because it won’t stay in place.

That’s why it’s important to treat cavities as early as possible so you can avoid a more expensive dental crown to protect the tooth.

*We Use Two Types Of Fillings*

At Advanced Dental Center, you can choose between metal fillings and composite fillings.

Dr. Griffin can help you decide which is best for your situation, but here are the main differences between the two:

*Metal fillings are silver, so they won’t match your other teeth, but they’re really strong and more affordable.

*Composite fillings will blend in with your smile because the resin material can be matched with your other teeth. However, they do cost more than metal fillings.

It’s something to consider since they don’t last quite as long, either. Yet, many patients are willing to pay a little more if it helps keep the appearance of their smile intact.

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It’s through these thorough evaluations that we’re able to not only remove hardened plaque, but also look for signs of trouble inside your mouth.

This allows us to detect cavities early and treat them effectively so your teeth are safe from more damage moving forward.

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