Items To Keep In Your Dental Emergency Kit

If you want to make sure you have the supplies you’ll need if you or one of your loved ones is experiencing a dental emergency, call (843) 588-1919 to book a consultation and get some professional advice from the experienced team at Advanced Dental Center.

Because we have six dentists and a well-trained, caring team of dental professionals, we can almost always provide a same-day emergency dentistry appointment at our Florence, SC dentist office. We will do our best to get you out of pain as quickly as possible and repair your damaged smile with restorative dentistry options to suit your particular case.

If you are experiencing dental pain, you should see us as soon as you can for emergency care, because it could be a sign of a more serious problem. If your mouth is bleeding and you’re unable to stop it, visit your local emergency room as soon as possible. You can follow-up with us afterward.

Instead of opening at 9:00 a.m. like most dentists do, we open at 8:00 a.m. every weekday. We also stay late until 7:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We accept many forms of payment and even offer our own in-house interest-free payment plans. Don’t hold off on getting the care you need due to financial concerns!

We’d be happy to personally discuss what you can do to be prepared for an emergency involving your smile, but below we’ve listed some basic supplies that you can keep on hand and what you can use them for.

Nitrile Gloves

To keep your mouth (and your hands) clean, you should put on some nitrile gloves before you begin examining a dental injury. This is a great option for disposable gloves partially because they are not made from latex, a material that many are allergic to.

Saline Solution

Rinse your mouth out when you have a dental injury by gently swishing around some saline solution. You can get it pre-packaged at a pharmacy or make some on your own using warm water and salt.

Gauze, Cotton Balls, & Cotton Swabs

If you are bleeding from your dental injury, you can use a piece of gauze to apply gentle pressure and stop the flow. You can also clean up your injury and apply medications using gauze, cotton balls, or cotton swabs.

Over-The-Counter Pain Relievers

An OTC pain reliever help diminish some of your discomfort and pain. Plus, if you get one that contains anti-inflammatories, it may help to reduce the amount of swelling you can expect.


Benzocaine (brand name Orajel) can help numb the affected area when you have a smile emergency. Be sure to follow the directions on the package.

A Small, Clean Liquid-Tight Container

If you knock out a tooth or break one, place the pieces in a small container filled with saliva or milk to keep the tooth moist until you’re able to visit us. Handle tooth fragments by the crown of the tooth, NOT the roots.

Be ready for the unexpected by getting dental emergency advice from the skilled and compassionate team at Advanced Dental Center. Call (843) 588-1919 to book. You can also use our online form to book or ask questions in non-emergencies.

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