Make Time For A Dental Cleaning & Exam This Summer! [BLOG]

Don’t let the next several weeks go by without getting your next dental cleaning and exam at Advanced Dental Center in the books!

Summer sure is great, but it can also get pretty hectic until, before you know it, you’re struggling to find time to squeeze in that important check-up.

We believe that a proactive approach is best when it comes to your oral health.

That’s why we’re explaining the importance of routine dental care and giving you a friendly reminder to get in touch with us so we can put your next appointment on the calendar!

What Happens During A Dental Cleaning & Exam

When you step into our modern Florence, SC dental office, you’ll quickly sense the friendly, comfortable atmosphere, as well as notice our advanced technology.

During a standard dental cleaning and exam, we combine years of experience and skill with innovative tools to make sure your treatment and evaluation are as thorough as possible.

For example, we use dental lasers, digital imaging, and intraoral cameras to help us detect earliest stages of issues like cavities, oral cancer, dry mouth, and gum disease. You’re very much involved in the examination process thanks to our up-close digital images so you can see and understand your current state of health and any treatments you may need.

If we spot a problem, we’ll go through possible treatment strategies, discuss financing options, and work out the best course of action to keep your smile strong and healthy!

Your Oral Health Depends On Routine Dental Check-Ups

Here is what you should, and probably already, do every single day to keep your teeth and gums clean:

*Use a fluoridated toothpaste.

*Brush your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristle brush.

*Make sure to spend two minutes each time you brush.

*Floss your teeth at least once a day.

*Stay hydrated with plenty of water to avoid dry mouth.

*Eat nutrient-rich foods and limit your sugar intake.

*Strive for balance in your life by staying active, sleeping well, and managing stress.

It sounds like quite a lot, but believe it or not, these are only part of what makes your mouth healthy.

That’s where routine dental check-ups enter the equation.

For all your effort, plaque is something you can’t see, and once it hardens into tartar, only a trained dental professional has the skills and tools to remove it.

Furthermore, some of the most serious dental problems don’t reveal themselves to you in obvious ways, such as with pain, redness, or swelling, until it’s too late.

But our dentists and hygienists can spot potential problems early, thanks to our advanced technology that allows us to see even the earliest signs of dental trouble so we can take care of it right away and keep your oral health on track.

Schedule A Summer Cleaning!

You can’t get a healthy smile all by yourself.

Your healthy lifestyle and oral care routine at home are certainly an important part of it, but the rest of the responsibility lies with our team at Advanced Dental Center.

We’re your best defense in keeping hardened plaque from building up on your teeth under and around the gumline. We also use the latest technology to detect problems when they’re small and easily treatable so they don’t morph into serious problems in the future.

Let us be your support system for great oral health and a beautiful smile!

Call our Florence, SC dental office today at (843) 588-1919 or fill out our online form to schedule your summer cleaning!

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