Sedation Dentistry Can Ease Your Anxiety

You may not have been to the dentist since before COVID-19 was discovered. You may not have been to the dentist in the past decade or since before the turn of the century.

If dental anxiety is an issue for you, then getting routine care – much less restorative services – can be difficult. Everyone at Advanced Dental Center of Florence, SC understands that fear of the dentist is real.

It’s also something we are committed to helping you learn to manage and maybe even overcome those fears. We want every patient to feel comfortable getting the care they need and deserve to keep their smiles for life.

That often starts with our sedation dentistry. Call (843) 588-1919 to learn more or to set up a consultation with one of our doctors.

Consider the Cause of Your Feelings

Our team brings decades of experience to dental care. We know that dental anxiety is both more common than most people realize. It’s also true that the reasons you may feel anxious can be very different from the next person who comes to our office.

For some people, fear of the dentist is based on a bad personal experience. A previous dentist may have been judgmental or overly critical. You also may be worried that your emotions may overwhelm you during your appointment.

For other people, the fear relates to a particular piece of equipment, such as a drill or a syringe. You also may have allergies or other sensitivities. You might be concerned about gagging or about feeling pain during your visit.

By talking to us about your concerns, we can take steps to address them. There may be a way to treat a problem without using a piece of equipment that you find troublesome. We also can take breaks if you start to feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed. We want to work with you because you deserve to have a healthy smile.

Be Patient With Yourself

Coming back to the dentist is a big decision for someone who has fear or anxiety. We do everything that we can to make you as comfortable as possible physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This is why we use advanced technology, such as intraoral cameras, which make it easier to examine your mouth without the risk of gagging. You also can receive a neck massage to help you relax. 

Even with all these, many people still prefer sedation dentistry during their visits. Dental sedation can help by:

  • Putting your mind at ease
  • Preventing you from feeling pain
  • Stopping you from gagging

But most importantly it:

  • Allows you to get the treatment you need

Whatever steps you choose, your anxiety is not likely to disappear in a single appointment. However, with each visit, you can feel more relaxed and more comfortable coming back. In time, you may find that your fear disappears completely.

Take Your First Step 

Your journey back to the dentist’s office starts with a commitment to visit a team that cares about you. That team is right here.

Call (843) 588-1919 or contact us online to request an appointment at Advanced Dental Center in Florence, SC. Keep your smile for life by visiting us!

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