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You know the value of regular professional dental cleanings. You also understand the importance of routine dental exams.

And yet … actually going to the dentist is one of the hardest things for you to do. You may have dental anxiety or dental phobia. If you do, then you have a lot of company. Tens of millions of Americans avoid dental care due to those feelings.

At Advanced Dental Center, we want you to know that it’s OK if you feel this way. We also want you to know that you don’t have to face your fears by yourself. Our team has been helping patients learn to manage their anxious feelings for decades.

With a combination of comfort options and sedation dentistry, we can help you get the care that you deserve and help you feel relaxed at the same time. To learn more, keep reading, call 843-627-4076, or contact us online.

Start With Our Comfort Options

The reasons people feel anxious about visiting the dentists can be as different as people themselves.

If you had a bad experience with a previous dentist, that can haunt you for years. If you are bothered by the “drill” or some other piece of dental equipment, that could make you hesitant to sit in any dentist’s chair. If you gag easily or you are worried that your treatment will be painful, that can make you look for reasons to stay away from the dentist.

Our team has gotten pretty good at noticing when patients are uncomfortable, both physically and emotionally. It’s why we offer a range of comfort options to help you feel more at ease during your visits with us.

For some patients, something as simple as a neck pillow or a blanket can help them feel cozy in one of our chairs. For patients who are bothered by the sounds of dental equipment, we will gladly provide a pair of earbuds. Then, you can listen to your favorite songs, the radio, or a podcast that you have saved on your smartphone instead.

We also provide bottled water and lip balm. You can also ask about getting a massage to help you relax while you are here.

We have seen that, for many patients, our comfort options are more than enough to help them remain calm. As patients get to know us, it becomes easier and easier for them to receive the basic care they need to prevent long-term issues.

But, we also know that for patients with severe dental anxiety, we may need something more.

Relax With Sedation Dentistry

When we can tell a patient is nervous, we want to help them relax before we begin any treatment. That’s true whether you are getting a cleaning or a dental crown to fix a broken tooth.

You may feel anxious about a particular procedure (such a getting a root canal), or you may feel fearful when it comes to any kind of dental care. Either way, sedation dentistry may be perfect for you.

With sedation dentistry, you can rest assured that:

■ You won’t feel any pain.

■ You won’t gag.

■ You will remain relaxed.

Many patients who undergo sedation dentistry have little if any memory of what happens during their care. From what we’ve been told, a lot of them consider this the best part of dental sedation.

At our practice, we offer two great sedation options.

Oral sedation, sometimes called oral conscious sedation, is what we recommend for most patients and most procedures. This is as simple as taking a dose of medication before your appointment.

By the time you sit in one of our dental chairs, you will be feeling the effects of the medicine. This will keep you calm and relaxed, usually for hours after your treatment is over.

IV sedation is a stronger option. This kind of sedation can only be administered by individuals who have completed thorough training. Unlike oral sedation, we administer this just prior your treatment. IV sedation takes effect within a matter of minutes, and it can be adjusted as needed throughout your procedure.

Like oral sedation, its effects can last for hours after your treatment is over.

No matter which kind of sedation you receive, you must arrange for someone else to drive you to your appointment and back home. You also should plan to rest afterward.

Ask Us About Our Sedation And Comfort Options

We would love to have you as a patient, but before you make an appointment, contact us with any questions you have. These can be questions about us, about our comfort options, or about our sedation dentistry.

To reach us, fill out our online form or call 843-627-4076.

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