What Your Summer Looks Like With Dental Implants [BLOG]

With summer fast approaching, our team at Advanced Dental Center in Florence, SC wants to walk you through a new vision for your life after tooth loss.

Today, we’re sharing some of the life-changing benefits of dental implants and how they can have you enjoying summer in a whole new way for years to come!

What Your Summer Looks Like With Dental Implants

Join us for a stroll through a lifetime of summers you can enjoy because of your dental implants from Advanced Dental Center!

*You Can Experience Renewed Oral Health*

Instead of losing one tooth after another, you step into summer with new teeth and renewed oral health.

That’s because your replacement teeth are attached to dental implants that are fusing more and more to your natural jawbone.

The implants are constantly at work as your new tooth root, stimulating the bone, securing your teeth, strengthening the surrounding structures that keep your healthy smile intact.

*You’ll Step Back Into The Social Scene With Confidence*

Instead of avoiding social situations as much as possible, you step back into the summer social scene with renewed beauty and confidence.

Your replacement teeth look as natural as real teeth, make your smile look great, and make you feel relaxed and ready for fun in the sun.

Neighborhood cookouts, weddings, graduation parties, and nights on the town are now new and exciting rather than events you dread.

*You’ll Fill Your Plate With Delicious Delights Of Summer*

Instead of watching everyone around you fill their plates with mouthwatering grilled chicken and corn on the cob, barbecue ribs, steak kabobs, and harvest vegetables, you step in line right along with them!

Missing teeth inevitably forced you to alter your diet, not only in terms of what you ate, but how you ate.

Empty spaces in your mouth make chewing difficult, and often, uncomfortable.

Now, though, your new teeth are anchored down with dental implants, staying firmly in place so you can enjoy the foods you’d been avoiding for a long time.

With the durability and strength of dental implants, your ability to bite, tear, and chew your food is restored, makes digestion easier, and broadens your food selection for a healthier, more balanced diet.

It also doesn’t hurt that eating is more enjoyable than it’s been in years!

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As we wind down our stroll through a newly-imagined summer experience, ask yourself if this is the life you’re ready to return to with help from dental implants?

You have to admit it’s at least worth exploring with Dr. Griffin during an initial consultation.

He’ll discuss your goals and evaluate your dental needs to help you decide which of our tooth replacement options will result in the smile you want and the quality of life you deserve!

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