An Appreciation for Dental Implants

Isaac Newton is remembered for his scientific discoveries. He also understood that he wouldn’t have been able to do what he did without the work of people who came before him.

He famously said, “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

In dentistry, we can say the same things. The restorative tools we have today allow us to create replacement teeth that are practically as good and visually as attractive as natural teeth.

To continue with our recognition of Dental Implant Month, we want to discuss how they could help anyone who is missing a tooth or teeth.

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Implants Are Good For Your Jaw

Since modern root-form implants were developed, new techniques for implants placements and new kinds of implants have made it possible for more and more people to enjoy the benefits of these life-changing services.

By replacing the roots of your missing teeth, you can do many things that are good for the health of your smile.

Bone loss is a common consequence of losing your teeth. To remain healthy and strong, your jawbone must constantly make new bone tissue. This is necessary since older tissue is absorbed back into the body (in a process called resorption).

Your jaw creates this new tissue as a direct response to the stimulation it gets when you eat. As you bite and chew, your roots are pushed into the jawbone. That pressure causes your jaw to make new tissue.

If the roots are removed, the pressure does, too. The can lead to bone loss in parts of your mouth that no longer have teeth. As this happens, your cheeks may start to look sunken in and you may develop wrinkles that leave you looking older than you are.

Traditional bridges and dentures don’t have implants. They can fill the gap in your smile, but they aren’t stimulating your jawbone beneath your gums. Your jawbone can still shrink as a result.

By using implants to support a dental crown, bridge, or dentures, you are stimulating your jawbone again. As a result, you continue making new bone tissue, prevent further bone loss, and can maintain a younger looking appearance.

The Power of Implants

A human with a healthy set of teeth can generate a good amount of force. Between 200 and 250 pounds of pressure is within the average range.

But a person who has replaced teeth with a set of traditional dentures — which rest over your gums — is at a significant disadvantage. Researchers have found that some with dentures only creates ⅕ or ⅙ the force of someone with a full set of teeth. That’s a maximum of about 50 pounds of pressure.

That also explains why someone with traditional dentures can have so much trouble biting into foods like apples or corn on the cob. It’s also why it takes so much more effort to chew a bite of juicy steak or chicken.

In comparison, patients with implant-supported dentures can recovery 80, 90, and even close to 100 percent of their biting power. That means you can continue eating all the foods that you love.

How Could Implants Help You?

Whether you are missing one tooth, a few teeth, or all your teeth, implants could do more than restore your smile.

Using the All-on-4® technique, you can support a full set of dentures with just four strategically-placed implants. Mini implants have proven to be just as effective as standard implants for most patients. Because they are smaller, the mini implant procedure is less invasive. You also can recover faster, and they are less expensive as well.

We’ve seen how implants have transformed the smiles and the lives of thousands of patients at Advanced Dental Care. What could they do for you?

To find out, schedule a consultation with one of our doctors. You can contact us online or call (843) 588-1919.

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