At Times, Tooth Removal Can Be The Right Call

You want to keep your smile for life … so why might you remove teeth?

A vast majority of the time, our team in Florence, SC is going to do everything that we can to help you keep as many of your teeth for as long as possible. Nevertheless, there are some good reasons that a tooth extraction may be necessary to preserve your smile and your oral health.

Today we’ll discuss some of the main reasons we may recommend tooth removal for you or someone you love. You’ll also be glad to know that we can do this painlessly right here at Advanced Dental Center.

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Win By Losing

There’s a phrase you’ve probably heard before about cutting your losses. Sometimes things just don’t go your way. In those situations, you are better off stopping what’s happening rather than allowing it to get worse.

If you have a severely damaged tooth, the first thing we will do is look for a way to restore. That could mean a CEREC same-day dental crown for a broken or cracked tooth. It may mean a root canal treatment for an infected tooth.

But sometimes the damage is so great that the tooth can’t be saved. In those situations, your best option is removing and replacing the tooth in questions. By taking out the problematic tooth, you can save yourself from pain and prevent an infection from spreading. By replacing the tooth (say with an implant and a crown), you still have a natural-looking smile and the ability to eat comfortably.

Crowding can be a problem as well. It’s can create a misaligned smile and affect your bite. Knowing this, it may be in your best interest to remove a tooth or a few teeth before you begin clear aligner therapy. Extracting those teeth gives your remaining teeth the space they need to get lined up correctly, so you can have a beautiful smile sooner.

We also do a lot of full-mouth reconstruction at our office. Using dental implants, mini implants, and advanced techniques like All-On-4®, we have given back many people their smiles as well as the full function of a healthy set of teeth.

If you are already missing most of your teeth, the few teeth you have left can sometimes be an obstacle to fully restoring your oral health. That could be a time with taking out the few remaining teeth you have could give you the opportunity for a complete teeth replacement.

Stay Pain-Free In The Process

Removing teeth is not something we recommend lightly. This is a kind of oral surgery, and as such we take every precaution to do it safely and painlessly.

That includes offering sedation dentistry during any tooth extraction. We offer both oral sedation and sedation at our practice. Both will help you relax and remain pain-free throughout your procedure.

We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have, so you can decide which option is best for you.

Find Out Your Best Option

If you are faced with teeth that are more trouble than they are worth, talk to us about your options. If tooth removal could help you, our team at Advanced Dental Center is ready to assist.

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