Great Reasons to Visit Our Dentists in 2019

The new year is here, and we hope it is both a happy and healthy one for you and your family.

While you can’t control everything in your life, you can take control of your smile. Whether you are looking to keep the healthy teeth that you have, improve your smile, or restore it, you can find what you need at our Florence, SC dental practice.

With a variety of services and a compassionate team of professionals, we wanted to share a few reasons you may want to visit us in the year ahead.

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> Rebuild Your Smile

In the course of a lifetime, a lot of things can happen that can damage your smile. Tooth decay affects more than 90 percent of Americans. Broken, chipped, and cracked teeth are something we treat regularly, and tooth loss will affect most people at one time or other.

When you act and what you do about it can make a huge difference in your smile, your health, and your quality of life.

When you first see the signs of a cavity or notice a chip in a tooth, we encourage you to schedule an appointment as soon as you can. Early treatment with a tooth-colored filling or dental bonding can fix your tooth in little time and at minimal cost. For more substantial damage, a dental crown can restore the appearance the function of a broken or cracked tooth.

If you are missing teeth, we offer everything from single tooth replacements to full-mouth reconstruction. With dental implants to secure your crown, bridge, or dentures, you can feel like you have brand new teeth.

> Improve Your Smile

Millions of Americans spend billions of dollars every year to look better. Cosmetic dentistry is a great way to make a change, and those changes can last much, much longer than a new hairstyle or new clothes.

We offer many ways to improve your smile, but two of the easiest and most effective services are professional teeth whitening and dental veneers.

Professional whitening works faster and removes more stains than commercial products. The gels, strips, and toothpaste you can find at the store can do a little, but it’s similar to using a garden hose or a pressure washer to clean up your driveway. One does the job much better, and professional whitening is the better oper for yellow smiles.

Dental veneers work by concealing flaws in your smile. Veneers can be made for individual teeth or to change your whole smile. Either way, your veneers will be custom-made to give you the smile you want. That can mean teeth that look perfectly straight, pearly white, and even spacing.

> Keep Your Healthy Smile

If you still have all your teeth, the best thing you can do is eat a balanced diet and follow the American Dental Association’s recommendation. That includes brushing (twice) and flossing (once) every day. It also means making regular professional dental cleanings and exams part of your oral care routine.

Professional cleanings remove plaque and tartar buildup, which can prevent decay and gum disease before they can develop. Regular exams can identify early signs of those and other conditions, so you can be treated before your smile and your oral health are at risk.

Look Forward to a Year of Smiles

The new year is always a new opportunity to make changes for the better. If you want to boost your oral health or upgrade your smile, plan to visit Advanced Dental Center of Florence soon. Contact us online or call (843) 588-1919 today!

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