Mini implants: Get More With Less

Replacing lost teeth is a big decision, but going small can often be a wise choice in this situation. Mini dental implants are a mighty tool to have when it’s time to restore the appearance and the function of missing teeth.

In fact, many patients in and around Florence, SC — and much further away — have enjoyed a better quality of life after getting mini implants from our team. We like to joke that minis offer “less” than standard implants, but as you see if you keep reading, that can be a good thing.

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Get Less Invasive Treatment

One of the advantages of using mini implants is that they are smaller. As result, getting them is a less invasive procedure than getting standard implants.

Even so, we take every step to ensure that your implants are placed correctly and painlessly at our practice. This starts with our three-dimensional imaging. This is a much more advanced way of looking at your mouth and jaw than standard 2-D X-rays.

With our imaging technology, we can determine the best location for your mini implants and plan the procedure to put them precisely where they need to go.

In addition, we offer sedation dentistry in our office. You can rest assured that you won’t feel a thing when your implants are placed by one of our doctors.

Recover in Less Time

Getting smaller implants has another clear advantage after they are placed. Since they are smaller, the procedure requires less recovery for you and your jawbone.

That means you can begin enjoying the full use of your implant-supported dentures in less time, too.

You’ll be able to some things, including smile and eat soft foods the day you get your new teeth. But it won’t be long before you’re able to bite and chew practically as well as someone with a full set of healthy, natural teeth. (Plus, you won’t have to use any adhesives or their aftertaste when you have mini implants to keep your dentures secure.)

Spend Less Time At The Dentist Office

We love it when our patients visit us. We also know that most people would prefer to spend less time at the dentist office and more time doing other things with family and friends.

By getting mini implants to stabilize your replacement teeth, you can simplify that process. Your placement procedure can take less time. You can recover more quickly, and you’ll need fewer dental visits to complete the process.

Spend Less To Restore Your Smile

With the advances in mini implants, you can get full-sized support in a smaller package. The means fewer materials, which typically reduces your cost as well.

In other words, you can get standard benefits without paying the standard price for your new teeth. Sounds like a win-win in our book.

Rebuild Your Smile Sooner

If you are missing teeth, you may be missing out on other things as well. Get back to feeling like yourself with mini dental implants from Advanced Dental Center. Call (843) 588-1919 or contact us online to get started with a consultation.

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