Upgrade Your Smile With All-On-4 Implants

You may remember your grandparents’ dentures. If not theirs, then you may have memories of a neighbor, a teacher, or another older person who recall from your childhood.

If you do, then you can probably picture a set of “teeth” sitting in a glass. Maybe you can remember them trying to say something, but slipping up when their dentures slid around inside their mouth.

You might even remember them complaining about trying to eat something or other.

Well, modern dentures — by themselves — aren’t much different functionally than the ones our grandparents had. It’s also why would encourage you to take advantage of the improvements the modern dentistry has to offer. That includes implant-supported dentures, including the All-on-4® option.

We are happy that our patients can get this service at our Florence, SC dental office. We’d also be happy to discuss its benefits with you. Just call (843) 588-1919 to make your appointment at Advanced Dental Center soon.

Make Your Dentures Better

Root-form dental implants have been around for decades. They have been a game-changer in restorative dentistry. To put it simply, they allow replacement teeth to function practically as well as healthy, natural teeth.

These implants were developed and designed to replace the roots of missing teeth. These offer you some clear benefits, especially compared to old-fashioned dentures.

With implants, you can feel confident that your dentures won’t slide around in your mouth. That’s makes everything from smiling to speaking to singing something you can do without worry.

Eating with implant-supported dentures is also a very different experience than eating with dentures alone. Implants created a direct connection from your jawbone to your dentures, much like your roots did before you lost your teeth. That allows you to generate more power with less effort in every bite and chew. That’s why people with implants don’t worry about dining at a new restaurant or whether they will be able to eat anything at their family gatherings.

People with implants don’t worry that their teeth will come out when they take a bite of something. They also don’t need denture adhesive to help keep their “teeth” in place.

Get Those Benefits Sooner

In a sense, All-on-4 marks another step forward in restorative dental care. This is an advanced technique that allows you to get implant-supported dentures in one appointment at our office.

Historically, getting implants has taken some time. A dentist would decide how many implants were needed, and those implants would be placed in your jaw. You would allow your jaw to fully heal, then your dentures would be attached to your implants.

With the All-On-4 technique, you only need four implants, carefully and precisely placed, to support your dentures. With our 3-D imaging technology, we can determine the best location, so each of your implants will provide the maximum support for your replacement teeth.

The same day we place your implants, you’ll get a set of temporary dentures to wear. This way you can leave with a complete smile. As you heal, you’ll be able to eat a wider variety of foods. You’ll receive your permanent implants in a few months, at which point you’ll enjoy the full benefit of your new teeth.

Don’t Wait Another Day

You don’t have to settle for the same kind of dentures as your grandparents. Enjoy the best that modern dentistry has to offer. Ask how you can get All-On-4 at Advanced Dental Center. Call (843) 588-1919 or contact us online.

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