We Can Give You A Reason To Smile Again

Throughout human history, people have tried all kinds of things to repair and replace damaged and lost teeth.

Gold and other metals have been used to make dental crowns and fillings. Dentures have been made with animal teeth and ivory. Seashells and stones have been used to replace missing teeth.

Yet, none of them could restore the appearance of your smile or the function of your teeth as well as what we can do in modern dentistry. You can find today’s state-of-the-art services at our dentist office in Florence, SC.

Our doctors have stayed on the cutting-edge of dental advances through hours of continuing education and investments in the best technologies available.

You can trust that when you call (843) 588-1919 to make an appointment at Advanced Dental Center of Florence that you will be getting the best services you can find.

From Cavities …

Not that long ago, you would get metal added to your teeth if you were suffering from tooth decay.

Gold and amalgam (mercury combined with other metals) were the most common kinds of dental fillings deep into the last century. From a functional standpoint, they worked well. You could eat without pain if you got a metal filling.

These fillings also did a good job of preventing you from getting more decay in that same tooth.

However, they also looked like metal. Over time, they might even turn black, which could make it look like your tooth was decayed even when it wasn’t.

Fortunately, today you can get tooth-colored fillings. These provide the same protection and functional benefits as metal fillings. They also restore the appearance of your tooth.

When this resin is hardened, shaded, and polished, it will blend in with your natural tooth. This can restore something else, too — your confidence in your smile.

… to Full-Mouth Reconstruction …

On the other extreme, losing all your teeth can be devastating to your quality of life.

You may become self-conscious about smiling, speaking, or even eating if there is a chance someone else may notice what’s missing from your mouth. Speaking of eating, it’s a much less enjoyable experience when you are limited to eating soups and mushy foods like applesauce and mashed potatoes all the time.

Thanks to the advances in teeth replacements, you can smile normally and eat like someone with a full set of healthy teeth again! By getting dental implants or mini implants, your dentures can look, feel, and function practically as well as real teeth.

You could even restore your smile in one day with advances procedures like the All-on-4® technique.

… and Everything in Between

If we can make fillings look natural and replace every tooth in your mouth, we hope you aren’t surprised that we have restorative dentistry for everything else as well.

Crowns, bonding, bridges, and veneers gives us even more ways to bring back your smile. We can fix broken and cracked teeth and replace one or more teeth just as easily.

You can trust Advanced Dental Center of Florence if you ever need to rebuild your healthy mouth. Call (843) 588-1919 for a consultation or schedule using our online form.

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