Don’t Underestimate the Power of Dental Implants

Imagine ordering a thick juicy steak just the way you like it.

Imagine looking forward to your first bite of a crisp juicy apple.

Imagine seeing buttery grilled corn on the cob as something to savor.

If you have full or partial dentures right now, then you understand why those foods and many others can become a cause for concern. When you take a bite of something, you want to know that it won’t pull out your teeth. You also want to know that you can chew it without your jaw growing sore halfway through a meal.

It would also be nice if you never had to used denture adhesives again.

All of that is possible if you come to Advanced Dental Center. Our doctors have decades of experience placing dental implants. These implants let your dentures function practically as well as healthy, natural teeth.

If that appeals to you, call (843) 588-1919 now to schedule a consultation. You owe it to yourself to find out how much easier life with implants can be.

How Implants Help

Implants add something important to your dentures or other teeth replacements. Implants take the place of the roots of your lost teeth. This adds a level of stability that adhesive creams and powders can’t match.

Having implants also means you have a direct connection from your dentures to your jawbone. This is what allows you to generate nearly as much force when you bite as someone with a full set of healthy teeth.

But implants do something else extremely important. Like your roots once did, they provide stimulation to your jawbone when you eat. Your jaw responds to this pressure from each bite and chew by making new bone tissue.

That prevents the bone loss that can occur with dentures alone or if you don’t replace your missing teeth. This part of the reason traditional dentures need to be replaced or refitted regularly.

Why You Should Come to Us for Your Implants

Our team has extensive experience with full-mouth reconstruction. In addition to our vast training, we also have invested in technology that makes your implant placement more precise and more successful.

As one example, we have a 3D imaging system. This gives us a detailed view of your facial anatomy — especially compared to a two-dimensional X-ray. This aids both in evaluating your situation and planning your procedure.

We also offer options for the type of implants and the kinds of procedures you can receive. We are happy to answer your questions. We want you to have all the information to decide if mini implants or if the All-on-4® procedure would work for you.

Enjoy Your Meals for Years to Come

When you can’t eat the foods that you love because of missing teeth or loose-fitting dentures, then eating can feel more like a chore. Eating should be one of life’s little joys.

At Advanced Dental Center, we want you to be able to dine on the foods you love for the rest of your life. Call us today at (843) 588-1919 or contact us online to make an appointment.

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