Make Big Changes With Mini Dental Implants

Bigger isn’t always better. In fact, some of the best things are quite smaller.

Mini dental implants have helped to improve the oral health of many patients at our Florence, SC dentist office. If you or someone you love needs replacement teeth, they could be the solution for your situation.

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Get More With Less

Dental implants are an invaluable tool in full-mouth reconstruction. They were developed to replace the roots of missing teeth. They improve the security, stability, and strength of your restorations.

Unfortunately, the bone loss that can occur after someone loses teeth can make getting standard dental implants more complicated. Mini implants offer a simpler way to get the benefits of implants.

But mini implants can be more than just a substitute for standard implants. In some ways, they offer benefits in their own right:

  • Minis are less invasive. Because they are smaller, they can fit in places that standard implants won’t. This can spare you the need for a bone graft procedure.
  • Minis reduce your recovery time. Since they are smaller, your jaw needs less time to heal after mini implants are placed compared to the recovery time after getting standard implants.
  • The process for getting minis is easier. Again, due to the size of these implants, you may be able to receive them with nothing more than a local anesthetic. To be clear, we are glad to provide dental sedation, but you may be surprised how easy the procedure can be.
  • Minis can save money. Due to their size and the relative ease of their procedure, getting minis can make restorative care easier on your budget, too.

Full-Sized Results

Mini implants may not be as large as standard implants, but they can give you comparable results. You can restore your confident smile with mini implant-supported restorations. You can feel confident that you can eat the foods that you want to eat. You also don’t need to worry about your “teeth” moving around while you talk when you have mini implants.

Minis can be used for the same reasons you might get standard implants. If you are missing a single tooth, you can use a mini implant to support a dental crown. For multiple missing teeth, mini implants can secure a dental bridge.

And if you need to replace a whole row of teeth, a series of mini implants can keep your dentures stable.

Make A Small Decision

Getting teeth replacements can have a huge impact on your oral and your overall health. When you can’t eat certain foods, that can affect the nutrients you get from your food.

Our team at Advanced Dental Center wants you to keep your smile for life! If you are missing teeth, mini dental implants could be the key to getting your mouth back to being healthy.

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