Revive Your Bite With Dental Implants

It’s hot off the grill. It’s cooked just the way you like it, and it smells delicious.

You put the steak on your plate, and you start scanning the sides. Your aunt’s pasta salad is always good, but you’ve got your eyes on the buttery corn on the cob. For dessert, you’ve already spotted the pecan pie piece you plan to enjoy.

You can feel confident about eating all of these things and many more when you have dental implants. Your replacement teeth feel practically the same as the natural ones that you lost. You feel like yourself again, and eating anything you want is just one of the benefits of your restorations.

At Advanced Dental Center, we have watched implants improve the quality of life of so many of our patients. You deserve those same advantages. Call (843) 588-1919 to get started on your new smile at our office in Florence, SC.

Feel Natural

You probably remember the satisfaction you once got from biting into and chewing your favorite foods. If you are living without teeth or even with loose-fitting dentures, eating may feel more like a chore.

Biting into certain things might have you worried that your “teeth” will get pulled out of your mouth. Chewing can feel challenging even when you cut foods like chicken, pork, or beef into smaller bites. It takes a lot more effort with dentures that rest over your gums than it did with real teeth.

You can change that by getting implants to secure your teeth in place. Implants are replacements for roots. Implants connect your dentures to your jawbone, which is why you are able to put a lot more power into every bite and chew. That added power is why you can feel like you’ve got a complete set of healthy teeth once again.

When you are confident that your replacement teeth won’t shift and slide, you also feel more comfortable speaking and smiling. These may seem small, but you might be surprised how this affects your quality of life.

Find The Right Option

Our doctors have decades of experience placing implants for our patients in and around Florence. We also use advanced technology, including three-dimensional cone beam imaging to plan your procedure. And with our sedation dentistry, you can rest assured that you can be pain-free throughout the process.

Plus, we offer options for your implants:

  • Standard implants – The first generation of this treatment was introduced in the 1960s. They remain an effective option for many people.
  • Mini implants — For patients who have experienced bone loss in their jaw, standard implants may not fit. Mini implants can, but even if your jaws are healthy, you may find that implants offer other benefits — including shorter recovery time and often a lower cost than standard implants.
  • All-On-4® implants — This advanced technique uses just four implants to secure your dentures. It also can allow you to get implants and dentures on the same day.

Eat, Smile, & Be Happy

Quit suffering with missing teeth. Stop struggling with loose dentures. Get dental implants from Advanced Dental Center and start enjoying your meals and your smile once again.

Call (843) 588-1919 or contact us online to request an appointment.

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